Exploring the Web Exercise


This computer lab exercise is intended to enhance your computer navigational skills.Throughout the exercise, you cannot use a pen; instead, you must rely on the paste and cut function of your computer.To carry out the exercise, youíll need to switch back and forth between Explorer and Word.Every answer must be given as an English sentence.All 8 answers must be given in a same font.Donít forget to put your name on top of your paper, and to give your assignment a title.When done, e-mail the assignment as a .doc attachment to: aa1674@wayne.edu


To carry out the assignment, go to www.is.wayne.edu and find out the answers to the following questions:


1. What is Jim Michelsí e-mail address and WSU phone number?

2. What is Karen Hudsonís (a WSU, not IS, student) e-mail address?

3. What is the definition of interdisciplinarity?

4. If you were to take an IS course next semester, which would be your favorite course to take?What is that course number, title, credits, location, time, instructor?

5. What is the name of your university advisor?His/her phone number?E-mail?Office hours?

6.Please give one name of a recently-deceased IS faculty member

7. Please attach a map of WSU Oakland Center

8. Please give a full reference of one of your instructorís professional publications.


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